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Virtual Tikal Tour-Adults & Children

Join us online from the Mundo Maya Spanish School to learn about the ancient Maya ruins of Tikal as we virtually travel together to centuries past. We visit the Main Plaza, the Maya Ceremony Sanctuary, the Maya Observatory and more! Our highly recommended and licensed tour guide, Vinicio Alba, will virtually guide your visit and bring the story of the Maya kingdom to life as he shares the details about the history, architecture, and archeology.  Our guide will also describe Maya history, culture and science behind the sacred water reservoirs that enabled the Maya to flourish.  He will also share beautiful views, incredible sunsets and the magical sounds of the animals of Tikal. Perhaps this tour will inspire you to visit in person.

Every Night at 7:30 PM US Eastern Time
Group Size 1-10
Duration: 1 Hour plus questions/discussion

Ticket Price: US $10.00 (via PayPal, Google Pay, CashApp)

If you are interested in other times for this virtual tour or you would like a private virtual tour, please contact me and I will arrange that for you.  

Note: A link and details how to join will be included in your booking confirmation email. 

Contact me by email, phone, WhatsApp or chat for more information.

Virtual Tikal Tour: Courses
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