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The Challenges of COVID-19 in San Jose

Days come and days goes as not normal for my community, we where a very full of tourists experiencing our immersion program with different activities; students going cheering happiness of being able to share and immerse in my home town Mayan Community learning Spanish, hiking and birding in the rainforest, birding in Tikal, learning Mayan medicine and experience handmaking their Mayan ancient ceramic.

but the most sadly story begun the 1st day of our San Jose Peten hometown Feria, the 1st case of covid -19 in Ciudad Guatemala and the Guatemalan Government shutdown everything, airports town lockdown until day in about 4 months ago.

Every one in Mundo Maya loss their Job no tourist means not income for Mundo Maya, but Mundo Maya means a lot for me so I decide to be open until I can be able to financial support the management of the property cost.

but how sadly is to tell my staff this will be over, when really seems not real, I build this camping to provide grocery 2 twice a month or maybe 1 depends of the budget draw in the camping.

Please help me to keep running Mundo Maya and providing a warm plate of meal to my team and community.


Alba Huex-Mundo Maya Founder

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