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Mayan Herbalism and Curanderism

In a small mayan community in the north of Guatemala is located a town called San Jose Peten Guatemala for many years the Mayan Medicine and the curanderism was hidden and was practicing secretly by the villagers, the main reason was because the mayan healers and the mayan herbalist were scary to be called witches and burned like their ancestror in the main Plaza of the sland of Flores Peten.

Nowdays our mayan Itza community encourage the children and teenegers to learn about the Natives Medicinals herbs, the traditional techniques and plant identification, wild harvesting, medicine preparation, ethical and spiritual aspect of mayan healing traditons using the rituals, cupping, acupuncture, massages healing with alive animals, stones, smoke, baths and animals bone that has been saving as a treasure for decades passing from their ancestror.

Mundo Maya has been offering workshops, for basic medicinal studies. to advanced herbalism Learning Programs with local Mayan healers

Our Teachers

Irma Chayax is 76 years old woman, has been practicing the herbalism healing since 70 years ago when she was by her grandmother side assistance carrying and picking the raw materials collected in the forest every early morning with her gandmother.

she is an expert mayan healer.

Oswald Chayax

is an assitent herbalism and ceramic teacher who organize the classes for the students and help Irma colleting raw materials for the classes

Click our Airbnb for more information to join our available classes.

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