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Maya Itza Foundation, Non-Profit 501c3 Organization Legalized in US

My local experience and more than 20 years working with local communities in the north of Guatemala helping to create and promote a better way of living while protecting the natural resources but at the same time living in sustainable ways using the knowledge and techniques of the Mayan Itza’ culture

I have decided to legalized Maya Itza’ Foundation as a Non Profit to create jobs, opportunities and economic alternatives to support the Itza’ communities around the Peten Itza’ Lake.Maya Itza’ Foundation aim to empower the Itza’ communities and their families through Agritourism, Ecotourism, Conservation , Education, Community Health and social program.

Maya Itza’ Foundation Programs

Maya Itza Foundation is a nonprofit organization that is planning to provide fair trades employment to local Mayan Itza communities and their families through our different programs.

1) Women Artisan- hand made ancient traditional Products

2) Economic and Professional Support to local Organic and Agritourism farmers in the Itza’ region

3) Ecotourism

4) Children and Youth Education Program

5) Sustainability and Conservation

6) Fair Trade Market

7) Community Health and Sport Program

8) Volunteer and Internship in the social, ecological and health areas

9) International and cultural exchange program

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